Nordisk Bergteknik signs several new orders related to wind farm projects worth about SEK 140 million

Nordisk Bergteknik, through subsidiaries, has signed agreements regarding ground preparations and infrastructure in connection with the construction of wind farms in northern Sweden, to a total value of about SEK 140 million. The projects align with Nordisk Bergteknik's ambition to play an active role in the green transition. The work is mainly scheduled to take place during 2024 and will enter a more intensive phase during the snow-free and warmer period of the year.

– It is very pleasing that we have been entrusted to contribute to the establishment of more wind farms. Nordisk Bergteknik has a clear ambition to contribute to the development of the future sustainable society and play an active role in the green transition. Our ambition is to continue being a strategic and leading partner in the expansion of wind power, power lines, and other sources of renewable energy. With our modern machinery and broad expertise in rock handling and foundation solutions, we are often the most attractive partner, says Andreas Christoffersson, CEO Nordisk Bergteknik AB. ¨

The underlying need for increased production of renewable energy is based on the green transition of society where new and expanded fossil-free steel production is one of several driving factors. In northern Sweden, there is a large number of project developers driving renewable power projects in various phases towards permission and construction. The current assessment, according to new forecasts from the Swedish Energy Agency, is that after the last couple of years with a lower construction pace, the number of power projects entering the construction phase increases both in number and size. Thus, the need for services such as rock excavation, foundation reinforcement, transportation, and terracing for road networks increases. Services which the subsidiaries of Nordisk Bergteknik can offer throughout the country.

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Andreas Christoffersson, CEO, +46 70-621 19 28,

Johan Lundqvist, CFO, +46 76-392 71 21,

About Nordisk Bergteknik

Nordisk Bergteknik has a clear growth strategy with the objective to contribute to the development of a future sustainable society. Our companies are specialists within rock handling and foundation solutions, and through compassion and skill they are able to combine demand with the surrounding natural conditions. To be involved at an early stage in building modern societal functions is our everyday life, our home ground and our future.