Social sustainability

At Nordisk Bergteknik, we strive for a good and safe work environment where all employees thrive and develops in their work.

We want our employees to feel safe at work and come home healthy after the end of the working day. Regardless of whether you are a client, employee or supplier, Nordisk Bergteknik wants you to feel at home. Nordisk Bergteknik’s ambition is to treat everyone with personality, warmth, and respect.

Competence development

As a player in the market for construction and contracting services in infrastructure and the mining industry, it is important that our employees have the right skills and that we attract employees who stay with us for a longer period. We constantly work to train, develop, and motivate our staff. The fact that employees have the right skills and the opportunity for competence development is not only a prerequisite for a safe workplace with regards to the machines we handle, but also a prerequisite for our staff to want to stay with us for a longer period of time.

Safety culture/ safe workspace

Work with health and safety is a priority at Nordisk Bergteknik, especially as the industries in which we operate are often associated with personal injuries. We have a zero vision when it comes to accidents that lead to sick leave. To achieve this goal, we work with risk observations.

The Group works with and invests continuously in safety-related parts of the business and can see that the commitment results in fewer accidents. Nordisk Bergteknik constantly keeps the equipment modern, which has led to the Group now offering a world-leading work environment for some of the Group’s drilling rig operators, where machine operators can work with remotely controlled machines in a protected work environment, free from noise and vibration.

Nordisk Bergteknik also works for a good physical and social work environment with long-term prosperous employees. It is central to us that our employees within the Group have good physical and mental health. For each activity, the necessary conditions must be in place for issues such as a good working environment, established health and safety work and respect for human rights to be given priority.

Gender equality

We believe that a workplace with gender equality and diversity strengthens us as a company, contributes to better decision-making and a good business culture. Nordisk Bergteknik shall therefore be an inclusive employer that affirms diversity and where employees reach their full potential after an even gender distribution. All employees shall have the same rights, obligations and opportunities regardless of age, gender, gender identity or gender expression, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or other belief.

The construction industry is strongly male-dominated, and we have a challenge to achieve an even gender distribution. Going forward, we plan to set up activities with the aim of attracting more female employees to the industry.