Economic sustainability

Nordisk Bergteknik shall be a long-term sustainable company.

We strive to maintain long-term profitability and growth, and we believe that structured and focused sustainability work gives us a good basis for making sound decisions that generate long-term returns for our owners.

Business ethics and anti-corruption

Within Nordisk Bergteknik, we have a zero tolerance for all forms of corruption and unethical behaviour. Our Code of Conduct governs the Group's work in this area. Active work in the form of ongoing follow-up in the area must be conducted at all levels with the aim of fighting bribery and corruption.

Supply chain

We work actively with our supply chain and put both social and environmental demands on our suppliers. Through the development of a supplier Code of conduct, demands are covering areas such as established health and safety work, zero tolerance for child labor, discrimination, resource efficiency, minimizing emissions and effective waste management.

Our goal is to have all our strategic suppliers to sign the supplier code of conduct by 2025.

Åpenhetsloven (The Transparency Act)

In July 2022, Åpenhetsloven (The Norwegian Transparency Act) came into effect in Norway, which many of our Norwegian subsidiaries are covered by. The law, which aims to promote companies to respect fundamental human rights and decent working conditions throughout the value chain, as well as to ensure public access to information, obliges companies to carry out due diligence to investigate and manage the risk and negative impact of human rights and decent working conditions and to report how existing and potential negative consequences of the business are handled.

The link below contains a report in accordance with the law for Nordisk Bergteknik AS and its associated subsidiaries.