Why invest in Nordisk Bergteknik

Are you ready to invest in a market-leading company that contributes to the development of the future sustainable society? With solid knowledge, diversification, and strong growth, we offer a unique investment opportunity. Read on to discover why we are your best choice for a profitable investment.
  • Significant market with expected strong long-term growth with mainly unchanged demand regardless of economic conditions

    In both the Swedish and Norwegian markets, there are large maintenance needs and planned investments in infrastructure in the form of mainly railways and road networks, but also in city centers and buildings. Furthermore, an increasing demand for the products of the mining industry and the increasing allocation of resources to the green transition in the form of wind power, charging infrastructure and storage of fossil-free energy are significant driving forces for future growth.

  • Market leader with solid knowledge and modern machinery

    The operating companies within Nordisk Bergteknik have strong and well-known local brands that have established leading market positions in selected segments. Nordisk Bergteknik also benefits from, as one of the industry's largest players, increasing demands for engineering competence, expert knowledge in safety and the environment as well as modern and sustainable machinery, which constitutes a competitive advantage for Nordisk Bergteknik. The group continuously invests in new machines to always have a modern and environmentally friendly machine fleet and is at the forefront of the industry in terms of automation and remote control of machines. The latest and most modern equipment also means fewer production stoppages and higher productivity, which creates security for our customers, and good profitability for Nordisk Bergteknik.

  • Sustainability, safety, and productivity ensure Nordisk Bergteknik's long-term competitiveness

    Nordisk Bergteknik has a clear ambition to be involved in the development of the sustainable society, both in terms of the execution of assignments and the completion of projects. A prerequisite for this is to continuously invest in skills development to ensure that the group's employees are well trained and continuously familiarize themselves with current environmental and safety requirements. Furthermore, Nordisk Bergteknik works actively with efficient resource and personnel allocation, for example by minimizing long transport distances for personnel and machines for new assignments. Through effective knowledge transfer between the subsidiaries, Nordisk Bergteknik also strives to constantly develop all companies within the group and continuously realize operational synergies.

  • Diversified project and customer portfolio lowers the risk level and enables stability in earnings over time

    Nordisk Bergteknik carries out over 1,000 different projects during a business year. The vast majority are smaller and take place on a current account. The largest projects, which address the mining industry, together account for around 15% of the group's total turnover, which means a significant diversification of income and a low level of risk. In addition, Nordisk Bergteknik has long relationships with several of its large customers, many of them stretching back up to 15 years, which means a great understanding of the assignments to be carried out together and negligible customer losses.

  • Proven model for acquisition and integration with significant potential for synergies

    Nordisk Bergteknik has a proven and structured model for acquisition and integration of new businesses and sees opportunities to continue to strengthen the current position, partly through a movement in the value chain and partly through further geographical expansion. The group's completed acquisitions have created a strong platform that provides the opportunity for continued consolidation with good profitability.