Nordisk Bergteknik employs a long-term perspective for a sustainable society. Sustainability for us includes how we work, how we act with each other and how we collaborate with our customers. It is also about us taking responsibility for our environment and that we respect the environment in which we operate.

Regardless of whether you are a client, employee or supplier, Nordisk Bergteknik wants you to feel at home. Nordisk Bergteknik’s ambition is to treat everyone with personality, warmth and respect.

Our customers are mainly private companies with a focus on the public sector and public infrastructure. Environment and safety are of the utmost importance in our work. Our staff, currently over 750 employees, are well trained and comply with current environmental and safety requirements.

We are also proud to have among the largest and most modern machinery in the world for our industry. Something that not only makes us efficient but also provides many environmental benefits in our work.

The Group works with and invests continuously in safety-related parts of the business and can see that the commitment results in fewer accidents. Nordisk Bergteknik constantly keeps the equipment modern, which has led to the Group now offering an absolutely world-leading work environment for some of the Group’s drilling rig operators, where machine operators can work with remotely controlled machines in a protected work environment, free from noise and vibration.


Nordisk Bergteknik has a clear ambition to be involved in the development of a sustainable society and among other things, the Group has been involved in the establishment of various wind power projects for several years, including Markbygden wind farm. Nordisk Bergteknik also continuously invests in new machines to always have modern and environmentally friendly machinery. Furthermore , Nordisk Bergteknik is at the forefront of the industry in terms of automation and remote control of machines, such as the ongoing project in the Aitik mine, where Nordisk Bergteknik works for Boliden.

Sustainability matters play an important role in foundation solutions and rock handling. In assignments with a clear environmental stamp, such as Northvolt and HYBRIT, the client requires the contractor to comply with rigorous environmental requirements for the equipment used.

Machines and equipment

Nordisk Bergteknik uses hybrid machines, primarily in prospecting drilling, and the company car fleet largely consists of plug-in hybrids. When it comes to the transportation of drilling equipment, Nordisk Bergteknik primarily uses external conveyors on which Nordisk Bergteknik can make demands for environmentally adapted transport solutions.

It is also important to use environmentally friendly motors in all the machines used in foundation solutions and rock handling. The leading players of the industry are constantly striving to use the most environmentally friendly engines available. Several of them have a zero vision for carbon dioxide emissions in 20-25 years’ time.

Part of the industry development for the future

We have also had the privilege of being a partner in a number of future discussions together with industry-leading players in order to find real solutions together. The topics have been about everything from how energy storage can take place underground to the development of new machine models.

During 2020, Nordisk Bergteknik has worked in an innovation-oriented manner, as for example Nordisk Bergteknik has focused on the current problem of erosion. One of the Company’s subsidiaries, Pålaktiebolaget Svenska, focuses in particular on innovation solutions for foundation reinforcement.

The group has a clear ambition to participate in the development of the sustainable society.

Andreas Christoffersson, CEO Nordisk Bergteknik

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Current customer projects

Renewable wind power in the center

Norrbottens Bergteknik and Vestfold Fjellboring are working on three large projects for greener electricity. These are the wind farms in Hocksjön and Markbygden in Sweden and Øyfjellet in Norway. The assignments are examples of Nordisk Bergteknik’s profiling in green work.

– The wind farms are some current examples and more are underway in future customer assignments, machine investments and development of working methods, says Andreas Christoffersson, President and CEO of Nordisk Bergteknik.

Hocksjön's wind farm

Hocksjön is located west of Sollefteå in central Norrland. The energy company Jämtkraft and Person Invest are behind the wind power project. The client is Hocksjön Vind.

Up to 30 wind turbines will be built in the area. The plant is estimated to produce about 450 GWh / year of renewable energy, which corresponds to energy for about 90,000 households.

Norrbottens Bergteknik’s assignment includes opening a quarry and producing 200,000 tonnes of material. The work began in October 2020. The entire wind farm facility is expected to be completed in 2022.

Hocksjön Vind
Vestfold Oyfjellet

Øyfjellet wind farm

The construction of Øyfjellet’s wind farm is Vestfold Fjellboring’s largest project ever.

– It has been a nice project and we have had a good collaboration with Veidekke, which is our client, says Oddbjørn Røed, CEO of Vestfold and Country Manager Norway of Nordisk Bergteknik.

A total of 1.4 million cubic meters of rock have been extracted and the majority, 1.2 million cubic meters since the first of June 2020. The number of volleys fired is 1250. At most, twelve drilling rigs have been in place and to cope with this, subcontractors have also been brought in. In the project, Vestfold has used 165,000 blocks and lighters, of which 30,000 are electronic.

The final excavation and drilling were carried out in the spring of 2021.

Markbygdens wind farm

Since 2016, Norrbottens Bergteknik has been involved in the work of building northern Europe’s largest wind farm outside Piteå. Norrbottens Bergteknik has continuously worked with drilling and excavation for foundations, infrastructure and plans within the park.

Last season, the volumes comprised up to 700,000 tonnes of rock material and employed five employees in the area, two rigs and three excavators. In the project, Norrbottens Bergteknik works as a subcontractor for BDX and Swerock.

The wind farm in Markbygden is a project run by Svevind. The entire park covers a 450 square kilometer area with the potential to establish up to 1101 wind turbines. The total production of electricity is estimated at about 8–12 TWh. Stage 3 is now underway, which is the third and final, but potentially largest stage of the Markbygden 1101 project.

Vindkraftspark Markbygden

For the financial year 2020, Nordisk Bergteknik has not prepared a statutory sustainability report, in accordance with the Årsredovisningslagen (ÅRL), Chapter 6, Section 10, when Pegroco Invest AB has prepared a sustainability report for the group that includes Nordisk Bergteknik. The Group’s sustainability report is available on Pegroco Invest AB’s website; For the financial year 2021, Nordisk Bergteknik will prepare its own sustainability report.

Through its subsidiaries, Nordisk Bergteknik has operations that are subject to a permit and notification in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Code. According to Nordisk Bergteknik’s policy, all companies must strive to reduce negative impacts on the environment by complying with current local environmental legislation, strive for sound resource management and energy efficiency, and stay up to date on significant environmental issues.