Leading in two business areas: rock handling and foundation

Koncernen Nordisk Bergteknik består av flera ledande bolag i Sverige och Norge. Verksamheten är indelad i två affärsområden: berghantering och grundläggning. Våra affärsområden kompletterar varandra mycket väl och tillsammans strävar vi efter att vara den ledande leverantören av tjänster i Norden inom vår bransch.


Drilling is a big part of our work and a prerequisite for good blast results. With modern rigs and experienced drill drivers we carry out the work with precision and feeling.



We use a safe and modern blasting technique and our employees are well-educated. We constantly strive to work in a safe and preventative way that also takes care of the environment.


Rock reinforcement

Rock handling is more than drilling and blasting. We handle the entire process from planning to detachment and reinforcement. We are based on the customer's needs and the conditions of the rocks.



Having installed millions of metres of piling we can confidently say we know our job. We use market leading piling methods. Wherever you want to establish a base we can ensure that your site provides a stable, reliable and safe foundation on which to build.


Sheet piling

Our experience with several methods of sheet piling ensures that you get support and ground stability when you excavate for various types of construction. We offer both installation and pile hire.


Foundation reinforcement

We can preserve and improve your existing property, plant or bridges. We carry out foundation reinforcement even in difficult or confined spaces. This offers you the best and most economical solution for preventing costly subsidences in time.

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