Nordisk Bergteknik is committed to be a sustainable and responsible company. It is important for us that misconduct or irregularities that may seriously harm our business or employees are noted and investigated as early as possible.

To simplify for the individual who wants to inform about irregularities or misconduct that violates applicable law, Nordisk Bergtekniks’ Code of Conduct or other Nordisk Bergtekniks’ policies, we have a Whistleblower system.

Through the system, employees and business partners can provide information and be guaranteed full anonymity. All reports will be received and investigated by an external party.

What kind of misconduct can be reported?

Through the whistleblower system, you can report misconduct within Nordisk Bergteknik that concerns:

  • accounting, internal accounting control, auditing, bribery or other financial crime;
  • serious violations of Nordisk Bergteknik's Code of Conduct, Finance Policy, Insider Policy, Sustainability Policy, Communication Policy, Internal Control Policy or,
  • other serious misconduct concerning Nordisk Bergteknik's vital interests or the life and health of individuals.

Our Whistleblower system

Our whistleblowing system is an early warning system to reduce risks. It is an important tool to foster high ethical standards and maintaining customer and public confidence in us. The service is open to employees, contractors, trainees, etc. at Nordisk Bergteknik and for persons with a similar position with Nordisk Bergteknik's subcontractors and suppliers.

How to make a report

You can find Nordisk Bergtekniks’ Whistleblower system through this link: https://whistleblowersoftware.com/secure/nordiskbergteknik

When you are connected to the Whistleblower system – through the link above - you can opt to make your report orally in the system, in writing in the system or orally by means of a physical or digital meeting. A report can be filed 24/7. The report will always be treated with maintained anonymity and with strict confidentiality.

More information about reporting, processing of personal data, anonymity and handling of the report can be found in the Whistleblower System.