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Specialists in infrastructure, construction sites, wind farms, mines and natural environments.

Nordisk Bergteknik has a expansive growth strategy with the goal of contributing to the sustainable society of the future. Our participating companies are specialists in rock handling and foundation solutions. With feeling and competence they combine each client’s needs with the conditions of nature.
To be involved at an early stage in building modern societal functions is our everyday life, our home ground and our future.

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Nordisk Bergteknik genomför riktad nyemission

Pressmeddelande den 24 februari, 2021 Nordisk Bergteknik AB (publ) (”Nordisk Bergteknik” eller ”Bolaget”) har, i enlighet med tidigare pressmeddelande avseende översynen av Bolagets kapitalstruktur, genomfört...

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Nordisk Bergteknik publicerar årsredovisning för 2020

Nordisk Bergteknik årsredovisning för 2020 finns från och med idag tillgänglig på bolagets webbplats,(, och i bifogad fil. Årsredovisning 2020 (PDF) En tryckt version av årsredovisningen...

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Nordisk Bergteknik creates value by laying the foundations of modern society in the sectors of infrastructure, energy, real estate and mining


Increase in sales over the past six months


Employees in the group


MSEK in sales RTM proforma Q2 2021

Let us take care of the work

Nordisk Bergteknik has extensive experience and solid, comprehensive expertise in rock handling and foundation. Whether you are a client, employee or supplier, we want you to feel at home with us. Our ambition is to treat everyone with warmth and respect. This also applies to the environment we operate in.

In the Group we have experience that extends back to the 1960s. We work with knowledge, competence and security. Our aim is to carry out each assignment to a very high standard.
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Current distribution of operations

Foundation Sweden
Rock Sweden
Rock Norway

Business areas that build the future

Nordisk Bergteknik has extensive experience and solid, comprehensive expertise in rock handling and foundation. We are specialists in drilling, excavation, rock reinforcement and tunnelling. We have expertise in piling, sheet piling and foundation reinforcement. Our working life consists of professional work within infrastructure, construction work, wind power parks, mines, natural surroundings and more.

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Rock handling

In our business area Rock handling we have gathered leading expertise in areas such as drilling, excavation, rock reinforcement and rock safety.

Foundation solutions

Within our Foundation solutions business area we have brought together leading expertise. We are a secure partner that offers a wide range of services such as piling, sheet piling and foundation reinforcement


Nordisk Bergteknik works in several projects with a bearing on the sustainable society