We continue to develop the Group and strive to become a strategic partner in our niches in the construction and building industry.

Andreas Christoffersson, CEO Nordisk Bergteknik.

Companies that create value

In our business area Rock handling we have gathered leading expertise in areas such as drilling, excavation and rock reinforcement. Our rock handling companies offer professional work within infrastructure, construction, wind power, mines, natural environments and more. The operations are currently based in Sweden and Norway but can work broader than that.

Our rock handling companies in Sweden

Norrbottens Bergteknik logotyp

Norrbottens Bergteknik

With the base in Sweden but also performs assignments in Norway. Specialists in rock handling work such as drilling, excavation, wire sawing and rock reinforcement.

Bohus Berg logo

Bohus Bergsprängning

Based in the southwest of Sweden. Offers rock handling services such as shaft work, excavation, rock reinforcement, scaling, shotcreting, grouting and wire sawing.


Hyrcon Bergsprängning

Based in Hoting, Jämtland and works in mid-Sweden. Has long and broad experience in rock handling with a focus on drilling and excavation.



Performs core drilling, primarily in the mining and exploration industry. Drills underground (down to 2500 m) and above ground, even in rough environments.

S Blomquist Entreprenad

S Blomquist Entreprenad

Offers machine services, transportation and landfills. The company, with nearly 20 years in the business is well established in the local market as a preferred partner of major infrastructure projects.

We have experience of rock handling since the 1960s

Leading industry expertise

Our companies have experience that stretches back to the 1960s. Knowledge, skills, and security combined with a constant strive to perform assignments of the highest quality in a secure manner, lay the foundation to the Group’s business model. We are used to all kinds of environments and working with both small assignments as well as larger projects. We offer services both above and below ground.

Our companies are constantly working with equipment, tools, machines and vehicles. We strive to have a well-maintained and modern fleet to ensure a superior work environment and operational reliability.

Our rock handling companies in Norway

Vestfold Fjellboring

Vestfold Fjellboring

Founded in 1966 and works in both Norway and Sweden with drilling and excavation. Has experience in international projects in Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Benin, among others.

Norsk Fjellsprenging

Norsk Fjellsprengning

Norsk Fjellsprengning was established in Østlandet as early as 2004 and is today one of Norway's leading drilling and excavation companies.



Works since 2007 with drilling and excavation for contractors, the state and municipalities. Assignments for work above ground as well as tunneling for infrastructure.

Songdalen fjellsprengning

Songdalen Fjellsprengning

Has 25 years of great experience in drilling, sawing, excavation, and rock reinforcement. Songdalen Fjellsprenging works widely from small projects to large public projects in Norway.



Leader in rock safety and concrete rehabilitation of bridges, piers and buildings. Performs all types of securing work such as hanging nets, bolting and protection against rockfalls along buildings and roads.

Gjerden fjellsikring

Gjerden fjellsikring

One of Norway's leading players in rock safety. Specialists in shotcreting, tunnel safety and all types of securing work such as hanging nets, bolting and protection against rockfalls along buildings and roads.

Wide range of services in rock handling

Example of services: drilling, excavation, rock reinforcement, scaling, shotcreting, soil nailing and grouting.