Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee’s task is to submit proposals to the board and auditors, including remuneration, before the Annual General Meeting.

Provisions on the establishment of a nominating committee can be found in the Code. The Nomination Committee is the body of the Annual General Meeting with the sole task of preparing decisions for the Annual General Meeting on election and fee issues and, where applicable, procedural issues for the next Nomination Committee.

At the Annual General Meeting on 29 June 2021, the Company decided to adopt an arrangement for the appointment of a nomination committee and instructions regarding its work to apply until a decision on an amendment is made by the general meeting. According to these, the Nomination Committee must consist of four members, consisting of three members, appointed by the three shareholders with the largest number of votes as of the last banking day in September each year, and the Chairman of the Board. “The three largest shareholders by number of votes” also refers to known shareholder groups.