Strategy and business model

Nordisk Bergteknik is a strategic partner in selected niches in the market for construction and contracting services in infrastructure and the mining industry. The Group, which today is northern Europe’s largest overall wholesaler in rock handling and foundation solutions, has around 16 operational companies with strong positions and brands in the regional market in Sweden and Norway.

Within the Group, there are companies whose experience dates back to the 1960s. The basis is knowledge, competence and security with a constant striving to carry out assignments to very high quality and safety.

Good underlying growth

Nordisk Bergteknik operates in a market with good underlying growth and our customers are mainly private companies with a focus on the public sector and common infrastructure. Environment and safety are of the utmost importance in our work. Our staff, currently over 750 employees, are well trained and comply with current environmental and safety requirements.

We are also proud to have one of the largest and most modern machinery in the world for our industry. Something that not only makes us efficient but also provides many environmental benefits in our work.

We are used to all kinds of environments and work in both small assignments and large projects. We offer services both above and below ground. We strive to have a well-maintained and modern fleet to keep the work environment and operational reliability at the top.

Organic growth and acquisitions

Nordisk Bergteknik was founded in 2016 by the main owner Pegroco Invest and has since its founding continuously expanded both through organic growth and through around 15 company acquisitions. Financial reporting takes place via the three segments – Rock Sweden, Rock Norway and Foundation Sweden.

The Group has been on standby and managed to parry the effects of the pandemic relatively well, something that has strengthened and streamlined the organization. Over the past year, Nordisk Bergteknik has also made a fantastic growth journey, both in terms of exciting assignments, new customers, financial results and new employees.

Net sales for the full year 2020 amounted to SEK 1,007.5 million, with an EBIT margin of 4.5% and an adjusted EBIT margin of 5.4%.


Increase in sales over the past six months


Employees in the group


MSEK in sales RTM proforma Q2 2021